HP 598771-001 Display bezel - For use with models NOT equipped with a webcam

Reference Price:$44.00


List of compatible models includes: 2540p i5-540M 12.1 4GB/250 HSPAPC, 2540p i7-640LM 12.1 2GB/160 PC, 2540p i7-640LM 12.1 4GB/160, 2540p i7-640LM 12.1 4GB/250 HSPA PC, 2540p i7-640LM 250GB 4G Win7P PC, Compaq 2540p i5-520M 12.1 250/3GB PC, Compaq 2540p i5-540M 12.1 250/2GB PC, Compaq 2540p i7-620M 12.1 80/4GB PC, Compaq 2540p i7-640LM 12.1 160/4GB PC, Compaq 2540p i7-640LM 12.1 80/4GB PC, E2540pUi554MW2MN250MINNNF23Ya ALL, Elite 2540p i7-620M 250GB Win7P PC, Elite Book 2540p Win7P i7-640LM 160G, EliteBook 2540p i5-520M 12 4GB/160 PC, EliteBook 2540p i5-540M 12 4GB/250 PC, EliteBook 2540p i7-640LM 12 2GB/80 PC, EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC, EliteBook 2540p Win7P i7-640LM 160GB, EliteBook2540p Win7 i7-640LM 80SSD PC, SRP/2540p ALL, SWATCH PRO 1.X - HP ELITEBOOK 2540P PCNB

Product Information

Shipping Weight:3 pounds

Item Model / Model No.:598771-001