Elite Cuisine ECT-819R MaxiMatic 2-in-1 Dual Function Breakfast Station Toaster and Coffee

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Start your morning right with the Elite Cuisine 2-in-1 Dual Function Breakfast Station that is perfect for those on the go mornings. Its space saving design makes it perfect for colleges, RVs, small apartments, or simply as a stylish addition to any home kitchen. The Elite Cuisine Breakfast Station features a cool touch body and two wide slots perfect for toasting bread, bagels, muffins and more. The built-in single serve coffee maker allows you to brew a fresh 8oz cup of coffee and the indicator light lets you know when your coffee is ready to enjoy! It includes a removable easy to clean coffee filter and anti-slip rubber feet.

Product Information

Item Model / Model No.:ECT-819R

Shipping Weight:3.2 pounds

Packaging Size:15.8 x 8.9 x 7.5 inches